Frequently Asked Questions

Pricing for Herbal Remedies


Herbal Remedies – Teas and Tinctures.


  • Tinctures start from £15 per week (100ml).

  • Teas start from £12.50 for 100 grams.

  • Pills and powders priced depending on dosage.


What types of herbs do you use, where are they grown and how do I know they are safe?


At Heal & Relax, I use mainly teas and alcoholic based herbal tinctures. A tincture is an infusion of a single, or multiple herbs, in an alcoholic solution. A herbal tea is simply a therapeutic blend of herbs combined to be taken with hot water.  Taking herbs in teas or alcoholic tinctures is the traditional method used in Western Herbalism.  However, if alcohol is not acceptable for a client, I am happy provide powders or capsules instead.


I personally select all my herbs from trusted suppliers who themselves only sell verified, organically grown herbs from carefully chosen growers who are known to cultivate their own quality produce.  All the tinctures I provide are manufactured in the UK at the supplier’s side. I then mix the tincture for each client in my personal dispensary to achieve a unique blend of herbs for your individual need.


Is Herbal Medicine safe for children?


Herbal Medicine is very safe for children. The herbalist will choose the appropriate herbs and dosage for the child. There are many different ways that herbs can be included for a child’s treatment. starting with herbs as food, herbal syrups, teas and non-alcoholic drops. I also use Naturopathic remedies such as Bach Flowers and Tissue Salts. Children require only very small dosages of herbs, which will facilitate a gentle and non-invasive treatment. 


Is Herbal Medicine safe during pregnancy?


Although there are many herbs which can be safely used during pregnancy, it is vital to work with an experienced herbalist on this, as they will know exactly which herbs will be safe to use in each individual case. 


Can I still take my ordinary medicine together with my Herbal prescription?


This will have to be discussed in the consultation. Some herbs are contraindicated for certain medicines, which means they may interfere with the medicine, stop it working properly or even cause a negative reaction. A herbalist will always need to know exactly which medications you are currently taking to achieve a safe and beneficial treatment. 


I will never ask you to stop your medication. I always want to work together with your GP to monitor your health and outcomes. As a practitioner, I am trained to determine exactly what my clients need, without causing danger or adverse reactions.