Classic Health Consultation

This intimate analysis undertaken by Corina is aimed at understanding the nature of the client’s condition, with discussions focussed on finding and treating the root cause of underlying symptoms.  Combined with her iridodiagnosis, using photos of the iris, Corina will compile a comprehensive picture of a client’s systemic health.  This package includes:


  • One hour Consultation:
    Review of client health, diet and lifestyle, including current medicine 
    and supplements.

  • Iridology:
    Using photos taken of the client’s iris to determine body health and condition.

  • Post-consultation treatment plan:
    Tailored for you, this includes explanations of herbal
     remedies and lifestyle advice (herbs, teas and remedies sold separately).

Classic Health Follow-up Consultation (optional)

In order to fully understand a condition and assess a client’s progress, it is beneficial to undergo a follow-up appointment.  With her Classic Health follow-up consultation, Corina seeks to review, and if necessary, amend her client’s treatment plan, giving reassurance and further advice and helping her clients look towards the future.  This includes:


  • Thirty-minute follow-up Consultation (after 4 weeks):
    This is an optional, but highly advised discussion to review your progress and assess the outcomes of your treatment.

  • Ongoing treatment:
    To be booked as required.


Stress Management Treatment

Life for many of us has become increasingly hectic and stress is creeping ever more into our lives.  With this stress focused treatment, Corina hopes to relieve you of this burden and nurture an atmosphere of calm, both within your immediate environment, and more importantly from within your own self.  This package includes:


  • One-hour Consultation:
    Review of health, diet and lifestyle, including current medicines and supplements.

  • Iridology:
    Using images of the client’s iris to determine the effects of stress on organ health.

  • Post-consultation treatment plan:
    Tailored for you, this includes explanations of herbal remedies and lifestyle advice specifically targeted at stress management (herbs teas and remedies sold separately).

  • One-hour Ayurvedic Abhyanga or Siddha Marma Massage:
    This calming and restorative massage is a vital element of the Stress Management Treatment plan, to reduce the effects of long-term stress.  Abhyanga is often prescribed to amplify the effects of the herbal treatment by relaxing and opening the body to the healing process.

Stress Management Follow-up Treatment (optional)

This follow-up session comes highly recommended and is designed to further redress the balance of calm and relaxation in your life.  Let Corina once again centre your body and guide you back to you. 

Over this two-hour session you can expect:


  • One-hour follow-up Consultation (after 4 weeks):
    Highly advised discussion to review your progress and assess the outcomes of your treatment.

  • Ayurvedic Abhyanga or Siddha Marma Massage.

  • Ongoing treatment and further massage therapy:
    To be booked as required.


Ayurvedic Massage Therapy

This ancient Indian ‘life science’ has the ability to dissolve built up tension and stress accumulated in the muscles, nerves and energy pathways of the body.  Ayurvedic Massage therapies help detoxify and move stagnation within all the tissue layers of the body, thus enabling the body to revitalise and protect itself from degeneration of both the body and mind.  The Ayurvedic massage treatments on offer at Heal & Relax are:

  • Abhyanga Full Body Massage:
    Abhyanga, ‘external oilation of the body’, is the main supportive technique for Ayurvedic detoxification.  Its purpose is to release toxins from the skin and the lymphatic system, using warm, nourishing oils to lubricate the body and calm the nervous system.  The stress and imbalance caused by a hectic lifestyle can lead to dryness and irritation in the body.  Ayurvedic Abhyanga Massage works to rejuvenate the cells, nerves and organs from the scalp to the soles of the feet and contributes to a better overall condition of health.

  • Indian (Ayurvedic) Head and Face Massage:
    This treatment helps to stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic flow, releasing tension in the scalp, face and base of the head and neck.  Combining various strokes and acupressure point manipulation, this relaxing massage can also aid in increasing flexibility whilst helping to expel the accumulation of toxins in the body.

  • Pada Abhyanga Foot Massage:
    As well as being a thoroughly enjoyable form of relaxation, foot massage carries many recognised benefits to your health.  Improved circulation and energy flow can be achieved by using acupressure points to stimulate internal organs and restore body function, nurturing the very root of the human body.


(All treatments can be enhanced with the use of infused herbal oils.)

Heal and Relax- Primrose Hill
Heal and Relax Primrose Hill

Siddha Marma Point Massage

Siddha, a south Indian tradition of medical practice, has been passed down through spoken word, from teacher to student, for centuries.  The teaching of Siddha explains that only a healthy body can have a healthy soul.  Marmas work therefore on a physical and emotional level.  There are 107 Marma (acupressure) points on the body, locked intrinsically to the body’s vital force, or Prana, and linked locally and emotionally to the body’s organs, muscles, vessels and joints.  When these points become blocked the flow of energy is stifled and stagnation occurs, causing imbalance within the body.  To create harmony, Corina is happy to provide two types of Siddha Marma massage, these are:


  • Full, 107 point Siddha Marma massage, working each of these points to achieve an overall rejuvenation and rebalance of one’s body and mind.

  • A more focused experience working on particular points, uniquely chosen to complement your treatment plan and enhance your organ and emotional wellbeing.


Health Talks

Corina’s experience in the fields of Naturopathy, Iridology, Herbal Medicine and Ayurveda have led her to find alternative outlets in which she can share her knowledge.  Book Corina for a talk and let her enlighten you in the ways you can bring calm, relaxation and better health into your life.


Corina is available for corporate and media events and trade show talks on various topics within the subject of Herbal Medicine, depending to the client’s needs. Popular talks include:

  • Herbal Medicine for Stress Management.

  • How to incorporate Herbal remedies into a Healthy Lifestyle.

  • The benefits of an Ayurvedic Lifestyle.


Corporate Chair Massage

What better way to destress, energise and regain focus at work than with an invigorating Seated Acupressure Chair Massage.  Whether it is during lunch, after a meeting or just a quick break to refresh, having a fully trained therapist work away that stress can do wonders for your workforce.


Developed in 1984, by David Palmer in the USA, Chair Massage was created for the stressed Silicon Valley office workers as a quick but effective technique for relaxation.  Targeting the head, neck, upper back and arms, Chair Massage uses the tradition of the Japanese Shiatsu acupressure points working along the meridians (energy channels) to energize and balance muscle and nervous tension.


  • 15-30 minute Seated Acupressure Chair Massage:
    This short but effective on-site massage is conducted whilst the client is fully clothed and seated on a specifically designed massage chair. This is a very popular service in the corporate environment which will help clients to become more focused and energised during their working day.

    Benefits include:

    • Quick and effective stress management.

    • Increase alertness and health of employees.

    • Minimal set-up needed. Therapist brings all equipment.

    • No need for undressing or showers as oils and lotions not used.